Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happening Weekend

This morning too early wake up went to "dim sam" restaurant having breakfast with my ex colleague they came from KL....I never been dim sam when i back till now 3month already,but really enjoy with them!
After breakfast than we went to Ipoh famous cavern,bring them sideseeing and took some photo!!!!!!!!At noon we go Tua Alang enjoy 'Big head prawn' that is REALLY DELICIOUS and we everyone must take picture with the prawn cause is so 'BIG' some of them put funny face with pose!
Regret that i'm never bring out my camera,because we went to Kelly Castle took some picture is enjoy that castle feel....never mind next time must go with my friend again then i can take whatever i want!
Today full of event with them,hope they enjoy Ipoh trip & this is happening weekend for me!


  1. 你的周末很充实哦。。。

  2. then u must walk around to tualang damn nice....i will pose picture next week!