Tuesday, April 27, 2010


星期六那天last min才知道要跟谁去看阿密特演唱会,
我还要喂隔壁那位驶机吃。去到bukit jalil 也8点了还好外面还有parking位,
翻天啦!整晚3个小时半又rock又romance ,

Friday, April 23, 2010


Today whole day stay in office follow up my client offset printing and doing some tele-market sales make some appointment & searching competitor website....a lot of job need to do,need to think how to grow my sales up? Searching some event company,but no idea how to start to present myself....1st time to touch travel line is going to be smooth a bit now,but for me data base still is not enough extensive i need more and many more.....printing line is quite big market but anyway try all my best to build up in the market......don't give up! Going to Saturday tomorrow still had half day work.....


Long time update my blog,when changing to kl life no more blogger day because everyday work..work...work until lazy to update it! Starting by today trying to giving short time writing what i am doing everyday and keep remind myself keep move on every min as i can....cheer up!